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Minggu, 26 Mei 2024

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dies in an accident

| Minggu, 26 Mei 2024
President of Iran

 On May 20, 2024, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. The helicopter carrying Raisi and several high-ranking officials, including the provincial governor, crashed in a mountainous and forested area due to bad weather. Rescuers from the Iranian Red Crescent eventually located the crash site after navigating dense fog and snow, but all passengers were declared dead at the scene

Raisi, 63, had been serving as president since 2021. Prior to his presidency, he was the Chief Justice of Iran and was known for his conservative and hardline stance in Iranian politics. Under his leadership, Iran saw the tightening of morality laws and a severe crackdown on anti-government protests

This incident has elicited condolences from leaders around the world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jordan's King Abdullah, and Russian President Vladimir Putin are among those who expressed their sympathies over Raisi's death. Raisi was also remembered as a close ally of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and a staunch supporter of Iran's controversial nuclear program and resistance policies against international sanctions.

According to the Iranian constitution, First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber will assume the role of interim leader until a new presidential election is held within 50 days. This tragedy occurs amid heightened regional tensions, particularly related to conflicts with Israel and Iran's involvement in the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Cause of accident

On May 20, 2024, a helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed in East Azerbaijan Province, killing all passengers on board. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but several initial factors have been identified.

Adverse weather conditions are believed to be the primary cause of the accident. The helicopter encountered difficulties flying through thick fog and snow in the mountainous region. Initial reports from Iranian state television indicated that the helicopter made a "hard landing" near Jolfa, a city on the border with Azerbaijan, approximately 600 km northwest of Tehran

In addition to the weather, technical issues with the helicopter are also being considered. Some sources from the Iranian military suggested that the helicopter might have caught fire after hitting an elevated area, but there has been no evidence found of sabotage or human error

Rescue teams faced significant challenges in locating the crash site due to the difficult terrain and low visibility. It took several hours to reach the site and find the helicopter, which had burned almost completely except for the tail section

Iranian authorities have ordered a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash. All branches of the Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces have been deployed to assist in the rescue and investigation operations

In the meantime, international responses to Raisi's death have poured in from various world leaders, who expressed their condolences to the Iranian government and people. Acting President Mohammad Mokhber has been appointed as interim leader until a new presidential election is held within 50 days

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